Silver Hearts for Seniors
About the Silver Hearts for Seniors Program
Thank you for your interest in True Heart's Silver Heart's For Seniors Program.  This program promotes the adoption of older dogs to senior individuals who will benefit from having the loving and devoted companionship of a dog in their home.
Silver Heart's for Seniors matches potential adopters over the the age of 50 years old, who are interested in adopting a dog that is either 6 years of age or older and/or is a handicapped/special needs dog.  This program waives the adoption fee for those who qualify.
If you are interested in one of our "silver hearts", and you meet the initial age criteria, please complete a pre-adoption application. 
This program is available to all 50+ individuals who meet the basic criteria for adoption through True Heart Pinscher Rescue.
To learn more about the senior or special needs dogs we have available click on the image to your right and visit our their "PetFinder" page.